Kenya mangos stand tall among the best mangos in the world, making Kenya a key source of juicy and healthy mangos to the world’s leading mango markets.

Did you know that mangos are the most consumed fruits in the world? For many years, this ripe yellow succulent fruit with a pleasant flavor and good fragrance continue to be part of the daily diet of many people across the globe.

Biofarms Ltd exports the best Kenyan mangoes, fit and ready for the global export market. These Kenya mangos have a sweet taste and are often eaten as a food. It is also palatable when the pulp of raw mangoes is cooked or when the juice is extracted from the ripe fruits. Apart from being used as food, Kenya mangos boast of many health benefits. The mango fruit for instance contains fibers, which are very key in assisting during the digestion process and particularly preventing constipation. Kenya mangos also contain calories, fats, vitamins and potassium that help in many metabolic functions of the human body.

Our main varieties of mango include Apple, Ngowe, Kent, Keitt and Tommy.
Availability: September to March.
Sizes: 7-13.



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